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Security Screens

With increases in population and more home and business development comes a greater need to secure and protect your property and the people around you from unscrupulous characters. Security systems are fine, but they go only so far to keep intruders from actually gaining entry to your property. And while alarms are great in some instances, they don’t stop things from being taken or harmed in the event of a smash-and-grab. Security screens for windows are an innovative, fool-proof option for protecting your home or business from criminals. As a bonus, besides personal protection, a security screen installation from Sun and Security will also keep your property secure during storms and extreme weather. Also, security screens are more aesthetically pleasing than wrought iron bars installed across your windows and doors.

Family security and customer-employee safety are the most important aspects for your home or business, and security mesh screens for windows are the best way to keep out unwanted burglars, and even insects and other pests.

Security Screen Installation

Our security screens for windows are a mesh woven from heavy-duty stainless steel, and can be fabricated to fit any window or door of your home or business. They are strong enough to handle nearly every brick, crowbar, hammer, or rock someone would think to use to gain entry into your property. Security mesh for a window is a protective physical barrier that will deter any criminal from lingering long enough to cause trouble.

The screens are equipped with interior, quick-release latches that allow for immediate evacuation in case of fire or any other event that creates a need to vacate the premises. And often, security screen installation services are a more cost-effective means of protecting yourself than with an electronic surveillance and security system.

Contact the experts at Sun and Security today and discover more options about protecting your home, your loved ones, your business, and your employees from harm through our security screen installation services. We have answers to all your questions, and we know we can set your mind at ease with our solutions.