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We stand by our products, and we guarantee our service and installation of the solutions we provide for your home or business. What we do is not rocket science, but installing our rolling shutters, security screens, and our retractable screens requires precision and meticulous attention to detail to ensure your products function without a hitch, and roll up and down with very little sound, no matter if you’re using manual controls or motorized options. The difference in our services, besides the quality of our products, is our installation process. All our shutters and screens are operated and controlled from the inside.

Security Screen

You don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of your home or business to effectively protect your property. The screen is woven from 304-grade, high-tensile stainless steel wire, which is primarily a composite of chromium and nickel, and which is non-magnetic and heat resistant. Besides protecting the interior of your home or business from the damaging effects of UV rays, the screens allow you to clearly see outside while remaining protected from intruders with bricks, crowbars, rocks, and other objects that could be used to break a window and allow unwanted entry.


Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters have been around for nearly a century, and only recently have become a popular option in the United States for security and shade protection for residential and commercial spaces. Our rolling shutters provide the extra benefit of increasing the energy efficiency inside your building by blocking out the heat and outside air conditions, and also sealing out dust. We install the shutters tightly to decrease the amount of noise that comes through an unprotected window, which increases the comfort of your space.


Retractable Screens

The primary function of a retractable screen is the reduction of solar heat that can make the internal atmosphere inside your home or business feel uncomfortable. Our screens are woven with a unique mesh that blocks up to 75% of the UV rays from the sun that will heat up your home. Your residential or commercial space becomes more comfortable, and the reduction in heat takes the burden off your air conditioning system, which increases the energy efficiency of your space. The screens will help hold in heat during colder months.


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