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How We’re Different

Whether you call them metal roll-ups, protection doors, or coiling doors, what distinguishes our rolling shutters at Sun and Security is the added value they bring. While security remains a top priority, our products stand out because they are meticulously designed and engineered, and are built with top-tier components we source from renowned global manufacturers.

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We Provide Security & Energy-Saving Solutions For Homes and Businesses

At Sun and Security, we provide unmatched retractable screens, security windows, and rolling shutter doors in Phoenix that are recognized for their superior quality, resilience, and longevity.

Our rolling shutters offer numerous advantages you won’t find with other shutters. Besides security, they enhance the visual appeal of your property, optimize energy efficiency, ensure your personal privacy, and minimize the intrusion of dust and noise into your living or work spaces. Our shutters shield your interior space, preserving furniture, drapes, and rugs from the harmful effects of UV rays. All told, when it comes to top-notch rolling shutter doors, retractable screens, and security windows in Phoenix, Sun and Security stands out as your number-one choice.

Our strategic partnerships with esteemed industry leaders include:

  • Roll-A-Shield
  • Somfy
  • Gaposa
  • Alutech United
  • QMI Security Solutions
  • Pentagon Security Shutters

Are All Rolling Shades The Same?

No, not all rolling shades are created equally. The rolling shutters we install for Phoenix homeowners and business owners are better than anything else you’ll find, because ours exemplify unparalleled quality in engineering. 

Our approach revolves around customized solutions tailored specifically to meet the unique specifications of your property.

Guide Rail

To ensure a smoother and quieter operation, the inside track of the guide rail is equipped with a neoprene strip. Neoprene is a specially designed material known for its resilience in high-abrasion and high-temperature environments.


Our wide range of motors includes models with advanced radio technology, which allows wireless operation of motorized applications through the RTS family of controls. These controls offer both wired and wireless options, allowing convenient operation via standard AC switching or radio control, similar to a common light switch.

Shutter Box

Sun and Security provides two options for shutter boxes: square and hex shaped boxes that cater to various applications and requirements.


For enhanced security, we use a U-channel made from aluminum that is painted to match the Roll-A-Shield. While the L-angle is also available and suitable in certain cases, the U-channel offers superior security features.

Adjustment Plugs

To prevent slats from sliding or slipping sideways, and to minimize the need for future service calls, we incorporate adjustment plugs at the ends of our slats. These plugs ensure proper alignment and stability.

Base Slat

The extruded ends of the slat play a crucial role in achieving a tight fit when you close the shutter. To ensure this, we insert a neoprene strip/weather strip into the lower edge of the slat, enhancing its sealing capabilities.


The slat, along with its hinges, holds significant importance in a rolling shutter system. Our finely engineered hinges ensure quiet and smooth rolling motion. While we offer various slat options, our most common choice is the single wall extruded and foam filled slat. These extruded slats provide heightened security and can span longer distances. The polyurethane foamed core within the slats offers numerous benefits, including insulation against heat, cold, and noise reduction. Our slats are made from a 3005 H27 aluminum alloy that adheres to ASTM aluminum standards. They are coil coated with a high-quality polyester paint on the outside, ensuring durability, and feature a poly primer on the inside, creating an adhesive surface for the polyurethane foam core. During the forming process, the foam is injected to enhance structural integrity and insulation properties of the slat.

Energy Saving

Noise Control

High Quality

Our products offer protection from intruders, minimize the noise and UV rays that enter your home or business, and provide energy efficiency. The security windows, rolling shutter doors, and retractable screens we install in Phoenix act as formidable barriers for the ultimate protection of your property. To request your free estimate for rolling shutter installation for your Phoenix property, reach out to Sun and Security today!

Storm Protection

Light Control

Custom Made