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Sun & Security

Energy Savings & SUN CONTROL WITH

Roll Up Security Shutters For Windows

Inside every home you will find at least one of the few options most homeowners choose for their interior window coverings: curtains, blinds, shades, or shutters. In most businesses, if the windows are covered at all, you typically find blinds or shades. While these products are often used to combat summer heat, most homeowners and business owners are unaware of the heat transfer that occurs from sun-heated window glass to the curtains or blinds—heat that ultimately penetrates throughout your home or office space. Our solution is a roll up security shutter for windows, made of polyurethane foamed slats that provide superior sun control and energy-saving advantages for your home or business. These slats have the ability to block up to 75% of incoming heat during scorching summers and prevent up to 65% of heat loss during winter. The key to energy efficiency lies not just in the foam-filled slats, but also in the critical air gap between the window glass and the rolling shutter. While the slats of our shutters absorb some of the solar heat, the presence of the air gap ensures adequate air circulation, which minimizes the transfer of heat from the rolling shutter to the window glass. The result is a decrease in the loads placed on your heating and cooling systems, which equates to a significant reduction in energy expenses. Our sun control and energy-saving shutters from Sun and Security are designed to withstand any environment, and with our expert installation, we’ll create a solution exclusive to your property and your needs.

Solid Protection for

Home & Business

The utmost advantage of our security shutters is the superior security and protection they offer to your home or business. Engineered to fit snugly onto the architecture of your house or commercial building, our shutters cannot be easily dislodged because of how tightly we fit them to your doors and windows. Law enforcement agencies widely acknowledge that roll up security shutters for windows are one of the most effective means of dissuading unwanted intruders.

Light Control

Sunlight makes heat and, when it glares through your windows, your home or office can feel like a boiler room. Our rolling shutters and screens solve that problem, and as a bonus provide you with significant energy savings on your seasonal cooling and heating costs.

High Quality

You won’t find anyone better for the installation of your roll up security shutters and outdoor roll down screens, because no other company is dedicated to our level of customer service, and because we use the finest products from the most reputable brands in the world: Roll-A-Shield, QMI Security Solutions, Pentagon Security Shutters, Alutech United, Alulux, Rollac, Somfy, and more.

Noise Control

Increased traffic, construction and roadwork, and neighborhood yard work—people make noise, and sometimes lots of it. Our rolling shutters, made from polyurethane slats, act as highly effective sound barriers to restore your comfort when things get loud.

Patio Enclosures

Our rolling shutters and outdoor roll down screens let you essentially turn your patio into a four-season room, while securing and protecting your property during the winter months and providing shade and wind protection when you want to spend time outdoors.

Custom Made

Your property is not the same as everyone else’s property, and your needs differ from your neighbors, so we ensure the solution we provide for your roll up security shutters, outdoor roll down screens, and security screens precisely fit the specifications of your home or business.

Storm Protection

The rain will fall and the wind will blow—and, in the process, all kinds of things fly through the air and slam against your home or commercial property. Our roll up security shutters and screens protect your windows and doors from the elements.